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  • Design for day and night.

    The illuminated colour ring is fascinating and turns this switch range into a safe and reliable signpost in the dark.

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  • Combining to suit every whim and fancy.

    The numerous combinations of frames, rockers and colour rings of basic55® make possible a great variety of design options for every environment.

  • Fascinating possibilities.

    The colour rings of this variable switch range lend new and exciting accents to modern living.

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  • Creativity without limits.

    The individual play with frames and rockers gives rise to ever new colourful subtleties in the room.

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  • Both functional and variable.

    The frame combinations unite homogenous optics with straight-lined, modern design and can be equipped individually.

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One concept. Numerous possibilities.

Those who design their living space wish to do it according to their own personal design concept. The colour scheme must harmonize with this concept. And here, basic55® convinces with its two individualistic colour ranges. Together with the numerous combinations of frames, rockers and colour rings they make possible the harmonic adaptation to all types of surroundings.

Overview of colours.

There are no more limits to the demands made on the creative design of living space. basic55® Baseline convinces with its clear, white frames and rockers as well as discreet colour rings, adding exciting accents. They consist of nine versions suitable for integrating into any living style. This gives each room its own individual colour concept in which even the light switches become a feast for the eyes.

The basic55® Trendline range has many facets. And it fulfils every wish for creative design. Six frame colours can be perfectly combined with two rocker colours to meet individual expectations. Plus the luxurious champagne version as alternative. 13 exclusive options for combining puristic design with modern, pleasant colours.

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A shining example for functional design.

Unpretentious and elegant during the day and pure delight in the evening. The illuminated colour frame lends this interesting basic55® version a very special practical touch. And turns it into a safe signpost in the dark. An intelligent as well as pleasant effect which unites perfect aesthetics with practical use.

Play of colours in the modular system.

With the harmonious combination of white frames and rockers as well as eight subtle colour rings the basic55® Baseline blends perfectly with the optics and superior quality of modern concepts of living. From elegant to creative the most varied ideas for design can be turned into reality.

Versatile use.

This switch range is available in 1gang to 5gang cover frames. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally.