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  • Twice the beauty.

    This attractive light switch is of plain and spectacular design and comes with two rocker sizes.

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  • Living with style.

    The elegant optics and classic colours open up new possibilities for the high-quality design of modern living concepts.

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Simplicity is pure sophistication.

Cool. Technical. Striking. Pure. Metal is state of modern art. With a clear and noble sign. Like Millenium – the switch range. Made in Spain. Thanks to a combined system, the switches of the Millenium series provide a comprehensive range of solutions for single rooms or whole building concepts. The square and ultra slim switches do not only add quality and style to the overall building, but are easy to install.

Overview of colours.

Two different rocker sizes.

Extract of the range.

  1. Rocker Switch 1gang
  2. Premium Rocker Switch 1gang
  3. Premium Rocker Switch 2gang
  4. Premium Rocker Switch 3gang

Design Switch App

This user-friendly application not only shows you the versatility of ABB British Standard light switches design. Here you can see directly how your desired series looks on your wall. Simply make a photo of your wall and place the selected light switch on it.