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  • Both functional and variable.

    The frame combinations unite homogenous optics with straight-lined, modern design and can be equipped individually.

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pure stainless steel

Outstanding. Clear. Durable.

Nice when the unusual attains its objective with such style. And no wonder. Pure stainless steel stands for one hundred percent. For total quality. Because both the design and material of this light-switch range posess the same characteristics. Durability. Consistency. Conciseness. In this way aesthetics, function and durability are fused into one perfect unit.

Overview of colours.

Versatile use.

This switch range can be integrated in 1gang to 5gang frame combinations.

Design Switch App

This user-friendly application not only shows you the versatility of ABB British Standard light switches design. Here you can see directly how your desired series looks on your wall. Simply make a photo of your wall and place the selected light switch on it.

Link to Design Switch App


Labelling Tool.

Precisely designating all products - with the practical labelling tool for your individual text. Easy and visually attractive for numerous products. additional information

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