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KNX, has been developed for building automation technology

compliant to EN 50090’l is the world’s only standard. With KNX installation, the system can be modified without touching the existing installation. The system can easily be expanded in line with needs.

BOSMER ‘s GAP is a device conforming to the KNX standard with 19 outputs. The unit is supplied with KNX BUS 30 V DC and there is no need extra power supply. The main task of the device is switching. All outputs can be configurable with the related parameters. The GAP device is designed for various needs such as 8 shutter control (Group A~H) and 3 switches(Channels 17-18-19) or 19 switches.(Channels 1 ~ 19). Parameters and changes can be set via the ETS program.

Device GAP-19-1001 Multi-Actuator
Power Supply KNX 30 V DC
Current Consumption 12 mA
KNX Mode S-Mode
Output 19 Channel
Switching Max Voltage 277 V AC
Switching Capacity 10 A
Output Life / Mechanical Life 1.000.000
Type of contact Bistable – AgSnO2
Installation DIN Ray Montajı
Temperature Range -20….+70
Dimensions 158 x 90.6 x 59 mm
Flammability Isıya dayanıklı

KNX Building Systems Technology