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LV-P 4 (4 Channel Costant Voltage LED Driver)

LV-P 4 (4 Channel Costant Voltage LED Driver) , has been developed for building automation technology compliant to EN 50090 which is the world’s only standard. The system can easily be expanded in line with needs.

BOSMER ‘s LV-P 4 is a device which is conforming to the KNX standard with 4 outputs. The unit needs to be connected to KNX Bus with external power supply (12v~24v DC). The main task of the device is Led lighting control. All outputs can be configurable with the related parameters. The device is designed for various needs such as 4 channel Led lighting control (RGBW, RGB + 1 independent or All independent). Parameters can be set via the ETS program.

Model LV-P 4 (RGB W)
Definition 4 Kanal (RGB W) Knx LED Sürücü
KNX Power Supply KNX 30 V DC
KNX Current Consumption 12 mA
KNX Mode TP- S-Mode
Output 4 Channel
DC Input 12~24 Volt DC
Current Capacity 4 x 2.5 A (Max. 10A)
Controlling Method Electronic (Mosfet / 120 Hz. / Constant Voltage)
Installation DIN rail mounting (4M)
Temperature Range -20 +70 0C
Dimensions 70 x 90 x 59 mm
Flammability Fire-resistant

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