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  • Individual optics.

    Modern elegance is seen in the subdued variation of colour and the gently curved lines of this exclusive switch range.

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  • Both functional and variable.

    The frame combinations unite homogenous optics with straight-lined, modern design and can be equipped individually.

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Design beyond the norm.

Distinctive character is often seen in subtleties. In details. In uniqueness. That is also the case with design. This subtle difference connoisseurs find in the solo® light switch range. It is just that touch different. Its essence is totally straightforward. An inherent ideal of beauty - rich in contrast of form and colour. Something exceptional.

Overview of colours.

Versatile use.

This switch range is available in 1gang to 5gang cover frames. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


Labelling Tool.

Precisely designating all products - with the practical labelling tool for your individual text. Easy and visually attractive for numerous products. additional information

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