Smart home with ABB-free@home®.

Making home automation easier than ever.

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Simply smart. ABB-free@home® transforms the house or the apartment into an intelligent home. Whether blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning, door communication or scenes. Easy to remote control via a switch on the wall, with the laptop or with the smartphone. Very convenient. Extremely comfortable. Very energy efficient. Especially attractive: Only minimal costs are involved when compared with conventional electrical installations.
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The pleasure of simplicity.

Home automation with ABB-free@home® is a pleasure. Because all functions can be called up individually - whether via switch, ABB-free@homeTouch, web interface, or via app for smartphone or tablet. This makes possible a totally new feeling of freedom and the independence from space and time. From anywhere in the house or anyplace in the whole world, lights can be switched, blinds moved or rooms heated or cooled.

Programmed for simplicity.

The especially user-friendly app of ABB-free@home® makes home automation for residents via smartphone or tablet as easy as surfing the Internet. This multifunctional remote control allows you to make adjustments later without the need of previous experience. Of course, all functions can also be easily configured via web interface with the laptop or PC.
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Fast change of scene(ry).

A single press of the button on the switch, on the ABB-free@homeTouch, PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet suffices to call up a complete scene. This, for example, allows a living room to be transformed in a matter of seconds to suit an occasion - for welcoming guests or for a pleasant evening of relaxation.

The everything-off switch.

The easiest method for switching off - ABB-free@home® provides it with the everything-off scene. This is especially practical when leaving the house, because in this way all networked devices in all rooms are switched off at the same time. This function is pre-programmed, making it simple to set up.

Configuration via app.

Easy to operate. The configuration via the ABB-free@home® app is easy to understand and fast. To start with, all available devices in the rooms are activated via the display of the tablet or laptop. Then the settings can be made. Brighter or darker. Warmer or cooler. Save. Open and close. Earlier or later. Finished.
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Ideal for new buildings.

Easily controlling everything. ABB-free@home® requires no additional construction measures. The walls are already open for the electrical installation - which means that the bus cable can simply be added. The system needs no special cable routings or its own installed cable ducts. This makes planning easy for the electrician since the line routing does not determine the function.

Manufactured ecologically compatible.

Environmentally friendly with certificate.

ABB-free@home® is manufactured according to the international standard IEC EN 60669 as well as IEC EN 50428. All devices for ABB-free@home® are manufactured ecologically compatible – according to the RoHS ordinance.

01 Home automation easier than ever.

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02 Effortless installation.

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04 Easy to convince.

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