Door Communication.

Welcome with safety.

The front door is the gateway between two worlds - private and public. And this as safely as possible. Here the door communication by Busch-Jaeger opens new perspectives. For comprehensive safety, greater comfort and modern, stylistically fitting design. ABB-Welcome is ideal for use in new buildings as well as the modernization of all types of real estate.
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With the wide range of well-designed products, optimum door communication can be made a reality for all types of buildings. Without great effort due to the 2-wire bus technique. And always with high-quality materials that are carefully matched. This makes the ABB-Welcome ideal for use in new buildings as well as the later integration during the renovation of all types of real estate.


Successful design.

Awarded internationally.

Design gives function additional fascination. That is why with Busch-Jaeger designs for all types of individual requirements can be created.


Speaking and hearing.

And seeing if desired.

That is why the ABB-Welcome outdoor stations are available in two versions, depending on requirement. As a pure audio version or as comfortable video version.

For both stations the integrated hands-free function offers optimum audibility due to its suppression of noise interference. They are available for easy installation on all buildings either for surface-mounting or flush-mounting. With high protection against unauthorized access. And yet, nothing escapes the ABB-Welcome outdoor video station. Its high-quality colour camera covers a large viewing area and can be mechanically adjusted for each individual area surrounding the house.
To the ABB-Welcome outdoor video station
To the ABB-Welcome outdoor audio station


Entry into the house.

Without a key.

The door lock redefined. The new ABB-Welcome access control module for the outdoor station offers a comfortable and safe method for entering buildings.

With the three access control modules of transponder, keypad and fingerprint, Busch-Jaeger introduces an interesting solution for private or functional buildings. Settings, such as access rights, can be made directly on the module. Separate key cards are available for the transponder module. As a practical and cost-saving alternative also smartphones with near-field communication function (NFC) can be used for opening doors. The keypad module allows the door to be opened via entry of a PIN code as well as a direct ring to a certain apartment in a multifamily house. The fingerprint module grants the visitor the right of access by scanning the fingerprint.
To the ABB-Welcome fingerprint module
To the ABB-Welcome keypad module
To the ABB-Welcome transponder module



Invitation. Into a new dimension.

Magnificent views. Behind the front door. With its high-resolution XXL touch display and a 17.8 cm (7") diagonal screen, the ABB-WelcomeTouch displays hitherto hidden details at the front door in a unique dimension.

It can be operated fast and intuitively via the high-resolution touch display with six easy to understand operation keys. They are used, among others, to directly and safely control door opener, mute function and corridor light. At an incoming door call the camera image of the visitor at the door appears automatically. During the conversation, photos can be taken spontaneously. And during absence three pictures are taken automatically of each visitor for security reasons each time the bell is rung. Very useful. For continuous monitoring of the home.
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Mobility for the home.

IP gateway, app and myABB-LivingSpace.

The IP gateway, the myABB-LivingSpace portal and the ABB-Welcome app guarantee safe remote control via the Internet. This makes it possible to identify and welcome the visitor not only from the sofa or the terrace, but also from the office or hotel room. At "call during absence" the Push messages are sent to mobile terminal devices such as tablets or smartphones. No special settings need to be made on the Internet router for this solution. The devices are linked in the myABB-LivingSpace portal.
To the IP gateway, app and myABB-LivingSpace
To myABB-LivingSpace
To the ABB-Welcome app

ABB-Welcome app.

Now available free of charge in the App/Play Store.

With the ABB-Welcome app all calls of your door station are transferred directly to your smartphone or tablet. You can see and hear who is at your door. Missed visitors are recorded with picture and date and can be called up at any time later.

The app is easy to connect to your door communication system: Install the app, scan the configuration QR code of your IP Gateway, ready.
To the ABB-Welcome app

ABB-Welcome telephone gateway.

Communicative. The telephone as door opener.

The telephone plays an increasingly important role in more and more areas of daily life. Its benefits can also be used to advantage in modern door communication. This is now made evident with the ABB-Welcome telephone gateway. It can supplement the function of an ABB-Welcome indoor station and accept door calls, and with a telephone exchange redirect these to analogue fixed network, DECT, ISDN or mobile telephones.
To the ABB-Welcome telephone gateway

ABB-Welcome indoor audio station with handset.

Always willing to listen. Always ready to communicate.

Clear sound in functional design. The best voice transmission due to full duplex mode and suppression of noise interference. Intuitive operation via three large easy operation keys for the direct activation of the door opener, mute function and corridor light. The design can be integrated into every environment with three timeless colour variations, suitable for many Busch-Jaeger switch ranges.
To the ABB-Welcome indoor audio station with handset

The ABB-Welcome indoor audio station.

Connects people. Totally without handset.

With the "hands-free kit" in door communication the hands remain free for important things or simply for greater convenience. High-quality microphones and loudspeakers guarantee optimum quality of transmission. Added to the numerous setting options for safety and comfort is flexibility. It is available in the colours white, silver and anthracite.
To the ABB-Welcome indoor audio station

ABB-Welcome indoor audio station with display.

For two senses. Design for eyes and ears.

Harmonizes perfectly with light switches and socket outlets. For uniform optics in every room. The station has a hands-free function, full duplex and suppression of noise interference for a clear sound. For fast orientation also in the dark, communication, door opener, mute function and corridor light are easily controlled via the cover plate of the illuminated display.
To the ABB-Welcome indoor audio station with display

Connection to ABB-free@home®.

Making home automation easier than ever.

ABB-free@home® serves for building control, primarily in single residential units. With the associated ABB-free@homeTouch you can not only control the building, but also communicate toward the door, and with video function, of course. The ABB-free@homeTouch has a bus connection for both systems, via which system-linking applications are possible.

Clearly structured and central operation is available via the ABB-free@home® control panel. If an ABB-Welcome door communication system is available, the same panel can be used to control the ABB-free@home® and to communicate with someone at the door. The operation in the room is carried out in a familiar manner via sensors next to the doors or windows for lighting, air-conditioning and for the blinds.The ABB-free@home® can be operated via mobile terminal devices such as smartphones and tablets in the privacy of the home, from the garden or while travelling. The optimal display on the devices takes place via apps with Android or iOS operating systems. The apps can be downloaded and installed via the app stores free of charge.
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Welcome-3D app.

Virtual reality.

The tracking motif. Your ticket for the impressive three-dimensional visualization of our ABB-Welcome products. Simply cut it out, attach it to the wall and aim your camera at it with the free Welcome 3D app. Fascinating!

And this is how it works!

  • Download the app.
  • Attach the tracking motif to the desired spot on the wall.
  • After starting the app, point the camera of the tablet or smartphone at the tracking motif at a distance of approximately 30 cm.

To the Welcome-3D app.

Catalogue & Brochures.

ABB-Welcome solutions

ABB-Welcome solutions

ABB-Welcome order paper

ABB-Welcome order paper

ABB-Welcome user manual

ABB-Welcome user manual

ABB-Welcome product flyer

ABB-Welcome product flyer

ABB-Welcome configurator.

Modern door communication - modern planning.

The door communication from Busch-Jaeger opens new perspectives for comprehensive safety, greater comfort and modern, stylistically fitting design. With the new ABB-Welcome configurator we offer you an innovative solution also for planning the door communication system. The new ABB-Welcome configurator is a Web application and operates in all modern browsers. Installation and later updating is not required. The configurator can be used not only on the computer in the office, but also by the customer on the tablet while travelling. This makes it an efficient tool both for employees of the electrical wholesale trade, and for electricians, architects or planners.
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