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Take the control of a real multibus installation

Our showroom is fully automated and uses EVE as supervision system. The installation currently integrates KNX, Vimar By-Me, IRTrans and Z-Wave technologies.

To anyone who wants to experience the speed of EVE multibus system and evaluate its first class design, we recommend

downloading EVE app and connect to our “Live Demo” account. You will immediately take control of our demo corner in real time from anywhere in the world.



Download EVE Classic


app store ok        Google-Play-Store

Mac--OSX(2)        Windows(2)

Experience both interface styles

There are two different accounts at your disposal


  • Live Demo (Classic)
  • Live Demo (Map)

Both of them allow to interact with demo installation through two different user interface styles. Simply choose the one you want to visualize and click on the account title to start loading the proper interface




Account: Live Demo Classic

Lights and Curtains

Scenes / Rec Scenes

Multidevice Remote

Power / Energy Charts




Account: Live Demo Map

Live Demo controls (Filter by Room)

Live Demo controls (Filter by Category)















Let's start working on a new EVE project!

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