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Residential house Smart

Increasing advances in the intelligent industry have brought comfort and well-being into homes. And saving energy is one of the honors of intelligence. For example, a smart home knows you well, cold and heat, and before you get angry with the cold or heat in the house, it makes the temperature of the house reach the desired level and you feel satisfied. . And the interesting thing is that with the right diagnosis, when you are not at home, energy consumption is completely reduced.In a smart home, you can control the lighting of the room even though you are not in the desired room or space, and for example, you are in the living room, you can turn the room lights on and off, and you can even turn on the lights outside the house. Turn the lights on and off. You may have a trip, so a smart home allows you to not worry about the house. The house automatically turns on the lights at 8 o’clock and turns off at 12 o’clock at night. If you have a garden, it automatically Starts watering. The main difference between a smart home and a regular home is that all the appliances in the home are interconnected and controlled by a device called a central control.

Full description about smart House

A house that is smart When your green space needs irrigation, the intelligent system realizes it and according to the elements that irrigate in different environments. This system is intelligent, when the indoor light of the building is provided according to the environmental conditions, this system is intelligent, when the ambient temperature of the building is provided in accordance with the outdoor temperature conditions and the required indoor temperature, this system is intelligent and many Different functions that can distinguish between a smart home and home automation.

Now the question arises that with the control panel in a house Which parts of a house can be controlled

Multimedia systems: Ability to play music from one point throughout the building. Security system: Ability to control traffic, theft alert on mobile phone via SMS and on the application. Brightness control: Adjust the brightness to the desired value and also create lighting scenarios for each occasion. Switches: Turn on and off the devices that are connected to the socket, display the amount of current consumption in the moment, day, month and year. Electric blinds and shutters: control curtains, awnings. Ability to open and close the curtains according to the brightness of the environment and weather. Air conditioning: Adjust the temperature of each room using a specific user-defined scenario that allows the user to customize. Door opener system: gives you the ability to control the door openers under the network, and even by giving user-specific scenarios, the entrance doors can be controlled.
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