Smart hotel

The purpose of intelligence Hotel

Today, one way to differentiate hotels is to choose the room facilities and features of the room. These details should be as efficient, tasteful and distinctive as possible. The hotel must provide all the essentials of travel, including ample space and wardrobe, wardrobe, safety deposit box, free water bottle, slippers, suitable audio and video equipment, and so on. In addition, products and services must be provided beyond the ordinary to show the hotel’s uniqueness and genuine respect for guests.

Smart hotel how it works

Now the hotel industry is changing to a model without manpower. Less humans, more robots! As the hotel industry shifts to a model with low manpower, we are seeing an increase in the number of “smart hotels” in the world. In this area, technology primarily acts as a tool to increase hotel productivity, improve human resource allocation and replace low-value tasks, reduce energy consumption and provide better hotel services to guests.But the intelligent system will never replace humans. Some of the innovations in the world include robots or intelligent kiosks in hotels, which allow the automatic review of artificial intelligence programs and tools to address customer service and provide hotel room services. Food ordering includes other services such as in-room massages, room cleaning and a request to move the car from the hotel car park to the front door.

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