Air conditioning intelligence

air conditioning Smart

Intelligent air conditioning is one of the topics that has been considered in the field of construction. Today, peace and comfort in the place of residence of people is of special importance that having a healthy environment can provide this comfort and tranquility for them. Having fresh and healthy air with the right temperature can affect people’s health and lead a healthy life for them. Therefore, today in the installation of buildings, the installation of air conditioners is considered a necessity because with the gradual warming and cooling of the air, the need for more healthy and air conditioning is felt.The launch of intelligent air conditioning, in addition to providing a healthy environment, has reduced the need for continuous human control. In fact, the intelligent air conditioning system allows the users and owners of the building to control the air conditioning facilities of the building in different seasons of the year automatically and without the need for the presence of a person. Whether the use of the building is residential or commercial and industrial, control of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, seasonal heating and cooling, control of air pollutants, control of fresh air in relation to the presence of people in the building and some other features using this system Becomes acceptable.
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