Building smartening advice

Important and effective points in consultation Building intelligence

There are different issues for decision making in smart homes, but this point separates the issues that each person’s opinions are different from the other, so one must determine the priorities and make a decision according to them. It is the same, but they are different in order, such as quality, price, appearance, facilities, its value in relation to the price of warranty, service, many goals in smartening is to multiply the facilities and beauty of your home to be faster with this method Sell ​​your home and make a profit. Pay attention to this point and ask your customer what is the reason for making the building smarter?

Price هوشمند سازی ساختمان

The first item or priority for people is the price of smart home or smart equipment, which should not be a cost that raises the price of the house and is at the lowest price, but they should know that smart home makes it for them Be profitable Also this category can equip a part of the building, for example, only consider the living room and kitchen and equip these parts

Appearance of equipment products Building intelligence

The third priority can be the appearance of smart devices. This is because customers are fascinated by smart units and attract the attention of the home, so our suggestion to you is that you luxury products with Use different colors. For example, on a completely white wall, use black and dark products to show off and catch the viewer’s eye.

Easy to use Building intelligence

Another important issue from the builders’ point of view is how to run a system and when to run it, and all building builders have sought to speed up the implementation of intelligent so that they do not delay the end of the project, so they are looking for systems that Have a high execution speed and do not prolong the construction time of the house.

Product quality Building intelligence

One of the last priorities of the first priority is the quality of the smart product, because some manufacturers do not care about the quality of the product and, as they say, it is enough to work in the sales phase of the system, then it is with the buyers if the product is selected Quality will increase customer satisfaction and increase new customers.
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