Smart commercial complex

Benefits of smartening Business centers

The intelligence of business centers provides the possibility for the sellers, employees and officials of that center to offer their goods to the customer in the best possible way and conditions and to manage their business environment in a fully automatic and intelligent way. Automatic control of cooling, heating and air conditioning equipment of commercial buildings, especially large places visited, as well as vendors’ energy management system and automatic and precise control of equipment installed in a commercial building are also the best option for economic savings, more comfort and efficiency. It is a higher work. The main purpose of using smart shopping centers is to enjoy economic benefits, reduce energy consumption, create a safe and quiet environment in shopping malls.A summary of the benefits and results of exploiting the intelligence of business centers include optimizing and saving energy consumption of cooling, heating and engine room facilities / optimizing and saving electricity consumption / saving on the cost of purchasing equipment by replacing switches DLP and GANG multifunction / Optimal use of equipment and increase their useful life / Significant reduction of maintenance and repair costs / Ability to monitor and control all building equipment via computer, mobile,Internet, touch monitors, smart keys, fingerprint, Internet, wireless network, tablet and… / Save time and space using remote control and DLP / Ability to connect all equipment inside and outside the building to the central intelligent system and intelligent equipment control By this system / Increasing the safety and security factor of commercial centers / Synchronizing equipment in a beautiful and luxurious way in accordance with the new architecture / Providing a control system with the ability to plan operation time / Simplicity of work for any user / Centralized management of the whole system with minimum effort human

Control equipment Business centers

All smart devices can be controlled using touch screens, smart keys with lcd, computer, network, internet, tablet, mobile, sms anywhere inside or outside the building. But our suggestion for controlling the equipment in smart business centers is to use a central server (computer) in the control room and in some places to use smart wall keys, tablet, network and internet.

Smart benefits Construction of commercial places

Energy saving Intelligent lighting system control Intelligent control of air conditioning system Security system control and protection Audio and paging system control Execution of different scenarios CCTV system control Specify exit routes when an accident occurs Intelligent lighting system and the possibility of adapting to the sound system, fountains and | Intelligent fire alarm and extinguishing system Smart parking management system Smart engine room system Provide a schedule and working hours for the complex Intelligent control of doors, elevators and escalators Network and wireless system Intelligent control of all mechanical equipment (exhaust fans, etc.) Gas leak notification system
| Intelligent control of large TVs and video systems Intelligent control of facade lighting

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