Smart curtains

Smart curtain How is that

Smart curtains are not weird curtains. The same curtain that is now on the window of your room can also be smart. Only special rails should be installed instead of ordinary blinds. You can then open or close the curtains with the control device or even your smartphone, or program it to open or close automatically at any time.

saving energy consumption

If the smart curtain system is connected to a smart thermostat in the house, the energy consumption costs in your home will be significantly reduced. In such conditions, the curtains know to close in the hottest hours of summer days so that the air conditioner does not come out of the window seams, and in the cold winter days and hours, they are removed so that the sunlight shines in and warms the house. This scenario also plays an important role in the optical sensor of the screen itself). Therefore, the energy consumption of your home is reduced.Smart home is gaining ground, and people may not buy or rent homes without smart appliances for years to come. Now that smartening is a new technology, smart home curtains are an option and you can sell or rent them at a higher price.

Scheduling capability And scenarioability

You can schedule smart curtains to open or close at certain times of the day.
In addition, they can be sensitive to light and open or close at sunrise and sunset.
With this other feature, you will get rid of the ringing delays of the alarm clocks and the phone alarm, and you will start your day gently with the sunlight.

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