Intelligent lighting system

Intelligent lighting system how it works

In general, the intelligent lighting system operates through a network in which each intelligent lamp is connected wirelessly to the nearest lamp. The entire network connects to the router or router and connects other network devices (such as your phone or tablet) to the lamps. Some systems have remote control options and enable you to manage your home lighting even when you are not at home.

Time management Lighting system

This method is effective in parts of building intelligence where there is a predetermined amount of working hours. In this way, the operator or the person in charge of the facilities of the smart building, by connecting to the system via tablet or mobile computer from inside or outside the smart home, can adjust the schedule of working hours and hours of turning off and on the equipment and lights accordingly. They turn off. For weekdays, weekdays and holidays, different hours can be set according to the working hours.

Set night / day mode Brightness control

You may want to automate room 1 lights to turn on automatically in your presence. However, if you use a lighting control system in your smart home, imagine that at 3 pm, due to the location of this room, the sun shines on it completely, in which case you do not need to turn on the lights. If you check the area of ​​this room in the night / day settings from the monitor of the room, the device will prevent it from turning on at this time, despite the fact that the room light 1 is automatic, unless you turn on the light yourself from the monitor. In this way, you have helped to save more energy. This feature will be more prominent in smart offices and smart schools.

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