Smart Hospital

Intelligent systems in the hospital

One of the solutions to make the hospital smarter is to make the smart facilities of the medical centers smarter, such as the heating, cooling and ventilation system, which require applications with high performance standards. HVAC systems are a set of intelligent building installation components that play an important role in the comfort and convenience of people. Evidence shows that in many cases the full functioning of HVAC systems plays an important role in patient recovery. In other cases, controlling the environmental conditions in a smart hospital has been effective in treating the patient.Studies have shown that a patient recovers faster and better in a controlled environment than a patient in an uncontrolled environment, and that creating a controlled environment by hospital intelligence solutions is much easier than traditional methods. Building intelligence systems are responsible for tasks such as humidity control, air movement, noise reduction, odor reduction, and energy efficiency. Other functions of this intelligent building system include; Environmental control با Bacterial control, safe life risk control and energy efficiency.

Hospital intelligence Air quality control

The quality of air injected into buildings is a very important factor that requires constant monitoring by integrated intelligent building management systems to ensure the achievement of optimal conditions of the patient’s environment. Sensors used in building intelligence should be used to monitor and detect gases such as CO and CO2 and Airborne compounds should be installed such as volatile organic compounds. Purification systems – in office departments based on demand control ˓ fan speed ˓ and the volume of people in different spaces. CO2 sensors are installed to monitor the reaction of the ventilation system to detect the presence of high volumes of CO2 in the air space in the building intelligence.

Voice control in Hospital ‌Hoshmand

Audio control systems in a smart hospital should be able to provide voice surveillance to ensure proper acoustic conditions that are effective in improving patient comfort and hospital staff. LEED It is an acoustic design.

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