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System Theft alarm

The burglar alarm system is an important part of the building security system. Security and tranquility in the modern world today is an inevitable event. Variety in types of burglar alarm systems and electric locks and anti-theft doors speaks for itself. One of the main axes in designing a smart home is always the importance of protecting residents and preventing thieves from entering the home. In other words, the smart home uses a logic circuit to protect itself. Theft alarm, also known as burglar alarm, announces the presence of unauthorized persons before an object or person enters the desired location, with a siren sound or by making a phone call.In such a way that when leaving the house, by activating the smart system theft alarm scenario, we determine from the touch monitor that after a few minutes of leaving, we declare the presence of other people unauthorized if the system is not disabled, and react. Items such as sirens and flashing home lights and making calls through the smart home phone system will notify the homeowner. There are many types of burglar alarm systems on the market today that vary in shape, structure and technology.
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